March 30, 2011

Om mix 007: CYMBALS

OFF MODERN deliver once again.

The next in our series of mixes comes from CYMBALS. Made up of Jack, Dan and Sean, they’ve conjured up something wonderful for you, as anyone who saw them play at the last Off Modern will know that their sound oscillates between anguished adolescent wit, hyperactive guitar work, house pianos and improbably tight drumming, but this mix finds them giving into those 3 am euphoric urges that are always on the verge of spring out of their live sound – upon sending me the mix they apologised for it ‘all being a bit Balearic’ but if you give it a listen you’ll realise that there’s really no need for apologies.

Keep your eyes on Tough Love Records for news of their imminent debut album, and check back here soon for an interview them.


Atlas Sound – Spring Break
Patrice Baumel – Clair
Chaim – Popsky
Tevo Howard – The Age of Compassion
DJ T – Kink (Dis Remix)
Mat Riviere – Curse These Eyes (Dreamtrak Diamond Sound)
John Maus – Times Is Weird
CYMBALS – Jane (Original Demo Clip)
Black Van – Moments of Excellence
M.A.N.D.Y. & Booka Shade – Donut
Gui Boratto – Trills
Dream Cop – Warm Thrash (Extended Mix)
Panda Bear – Last Night At The Jetty


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