March 30, 2010

March 24, 2010

'I'm Not An Artist'

An animated gif paranoia about nonstop designers. By Johnny Kelly and Matthew Cooper.


March 20, 2010

Pixelord - Lucid Freaks pt. 1

Debut four-track EP "Lucid Freaks" from Moscow based Alexey Devyanin aka Pixelord. Another great release from the guys over at Error Broadcast.


March 19, 2010

Thallus - Between head and hand

Free mini LP of Experimental sample based beats from german producer Thallus. Currently getting lots of plays on the Chromotherapy itunes, especially the track 'Masut'. Very well put together, clever music, can't wait to hear more from him.


Andres Valerio

Black black magic by Andres Valerio


Rest in peace, Jun Seba.

Your music transcends. Rest in peace.

March 17, 2010

Grindin' By Nobody Beats the Drum

Grindin' from Nobody Beats The Drum on Vimeo.

Director: Rogier van der Zwaag
Music: Grindin' by Nobody Beats The Drum

Cassander Eeftinck Schattenkerk


Chromotherapy is back!

Been working hard coding this layout over the past few days, it looked a lot easier than it actually was. Anyway, expect a lot more articles and posts from now on covering a lot more subjects. I've decided to delete all archived posts due to the majority of them conflicting with the consistency of the design. If any wants to contact Chromotherapy feel free to send an email or follow on twitter (links to the left), I love hearing from musicians and artists looking to spread their work.

Feel free to leave comments, do you like the new layout? any recommendations? what do you like to see posted? anything...

anyway i'm out

Chromotherapy sessions mix archive

Due to the redesign, I deleted all of the archived posts to stop them conflicting with the new design layout, so here's a small archive of past Chromotherapy session mixes if you've been looking for them or are Interested in listening.